How to Get Recruited to Play College Football

Don’t make these mistakes if you want to play college football.
 A lot of high school football players that I’ve spoken with want to play college football, but it’s sad to say that most of them wont…and here are the top reasons why:
  1. NOT HAVING A PLAN – Stop waiting for coaches to come calling. Chances are they don’t know who you are and will never know who you are unless you reach out to them first.
  2. Not having a RECRUITING highlight video – A recruiting highlight video is meant to showcase your abilities while gaining interest from coaches. This is NOT your typical highlight video that’s 10+ minutes long (here’s a video and a post more about that).
  3. NOT MAKING A SCHOOL LIST – Where do you want to play? Where can (based on size and grades) you play? I recommend at least a list of 15 schools. 5 dream schools, 5 schools that have players that match your size for your position, 5 safety schools that you would consider being a walk-on or that are close to home.
  4. NOT CONTACTING COACHES – Making a highlight video and a school list mean nothing without actually reaching out to the coaches on that list and emailing them your information and interest in playing for them. Once you start the conversation with them, some will respond and some won’t. At that point you’ll begin to understand which schools have interest in you and which you should not waste your time reaching out to.
If you sit and wait to get recruited your chances at the next level are slim. If you take action, the ball becomes in your court. This doesn’t mean you’ll get an offer in one email or phone call, but it does mean you’ll be one step closer. Here’s a video on making a school list:

Additional videos that cover more college football recruiting can be found on our YouTube channel.

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