How to Make a Football Recruiting Highlight Video

Keep your highlights short and sweet to get the attention of college coaches.
Most of the highlight videos I’ve seen are 8-10 minutes long and have almost every single catch, block, tackle, or rush that the player has ever had. That is NOT what your recruiting highlight video should be. You need to remember that a coach wants to see what you’re capable of and where he could use you on their team to win games.
Sometimes that’s your current position, a lot of the time it’s at another position that you may not have played before. There are 4 main things that go into a good recruiting highlight video that will help you get noticed:
  1. Length of the video – 2-3 minutes is the goal when it comes to length. You have a short amount of time to get someone’s attention and coaches are no different. Put your best clips in the beginning and strip that long video you have down to only the best of the best plays.
  2. Explosiveness – Do you “jump” off the screen? If you’re not circled or highlighted would you be the guy that draws the attention of the person watching? This is your chance to show your speed, aggressiveness, hard hits, trucks, and anything else that makes people say “WOW!” when watching.
  3. Mechanics – Show how well you play your position and understand technique. If you’re a receiver for example, catching a wide open pass doesn’t tell much about you. Showing that you can beat a corner off the line, block well when the ball isn’t thrown, and catch 50/50 balls that might not be the best passes shows much more about your abilities. The same applies to every other position.
  4. Versatility – Show your ability to play as many places on the field as possible. If you’re main position is corner but you’ve gotten the ball on offense, are on some special teams, and have played more positions, add those clips. You do still want to make sure those clips follow steps 2-3.
If your highlights follow steps 1-4 you’re giving yourself the best chances of gaining the interest of a coach that sees it. Below is a video that also covers these topics in more detail:

Once you’ve made a solid highlight video, the next step is reaching out to the coaches on your school list. Additional videos that cover more college football recruiting can be found on our YouTube channel.

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