Coach Dayya has 14 years of experience playing football and seven years of coaching in 1-on-1 settings. He has worked with athletes at their beginning years in the sport to some NFL free agents, and currently also coaches high school football. Tamir has helped athletes earn starting positions at the junior level, and nationally ranked high school and Division 1 football programs. He has also contributed to American Football Monthly magazine, and is a speaker at the nationally recognized Glazier Football Clinics, which feature presentations from top high school, college, and NFL coaches.

His early playing years were spent on the offensive and defensive line, where he wasn’t the biggest athlete on the field but his focus on technique allowed him to excel to a state championship in high school. His collegiate years were spent Long Snapping and moving from Tight End and Receiver, to Outside Linebacker and Strong Safety. He now focuses on technique training for athletes looking to excel on the offensive and defensive line, long snappers, and the defensive secondary.



We take coaching seriously, but we’re big on enjoying the process and having fun while we train. The more questions you have the more we want to hear them, whether it’s during a session or after a big game. Our athletes are family.


“I guarantee that if you want to get better, have the desire, and put in the effort, you will notice results on the very first session.” -Coach Dayya


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