“Forward Lean. Lift Your Knees.”

Since we’ve been working on this with so many of you I’ve decided to send a couple tips out to keep in mind. If you’ve ever done any speed work with us you’ve heard me say this 1,000,000 times…Lean forward and get your knees up!

If you search for any images associated with “proper sprinting form” you’ll see just about all of them looking exactly like the one above. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you immediately get faster the next time you hit the field:

  • Low knees equal short strides, short strides equal lack of efficiency. When your knees aren’t coming as high as they can you’re losing distance and wasting energy.
  • A forward lean forces your body to cover distance with speed. When you’re running straight up you’re also losing reach in your stride. A lean forces your knees to get up and out at the same time allowing you to focus on pumping them as fast as you can.

Do those two things more often and I guarantee you’ll immediately notice a difference. An easy way to practice this is sprinting up a hill five times then sprinting on flat ground for another five. Just remember the phrase, “forward lean, lift your knees” while you’re running.

Every position in football needs speed work. Understand these fundamentals, give them a try, and let us know how it goes.

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