3 Tips to Finish Strong.

  1. Stay Healthy – A lot of athletes forget to maintain their bodies during the season. No need to go crazy in the weight room, but definitely make sure you’re eating right and properly stretching. Straining a muscle is an easy way to set yourself back.
  2. Keep Your Grades Up – This one is the most important. There’s nothing worse for an athlete (especially one that wants to play in college) to finish the season with bad grades. Focusing on your grades makes everything easier going into the off-season.
  3. Set Goals – Your goal could be to not miss a block next game or even to talk to 2 college coaches before the end of the season. No matter what it is, set goals for yourself that keep you pushing to do more.

For those of you that already train with us, I’d love to hear back with how your season is going and begin planning your off-season workouts. For those of you that don’t or are too far, please click the button below if you have any questions about our program or the 3 tips above.

I wish you all a healthy, successfully rest of the season.